The Village Band

Established in about 1990, The Village Band have a focus on Irish Music. Andy joined them in December 1999. They are a popular outfit with regular gigs at pubs, clubs and functions.

The Bruswick Hotel, 2004

Here are some posed color group portraits of The Village Band, taken in the Brunswick, which was for many years a regular venue for the band.

Adur Fest, 2009
Andy was pleased to be able to join the band for their spot during at this musical event, held at the Bridge Inn, Shoreham-by-Sea on 4 July, 2009
St Patrick's Day 2007

In 2007, Andy and the rest of The Village Band played their regular St Patrick's date at the Brunswick.

Phil Rees and his wife Sheila went to this pub venue in Worthing for the gig. Phil borrowed a friend's camera to take these pics of the jollifications.


Andy died on
29 January 2010.

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